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In Defense of Weeds

The word pollinator often brings to mind visions of bumblebees or honey bees, which are the most economically significant and most identifiable of the pollinators. But bees are just a few of the insects that make up the diverse world of pollinators. For national Pollinator Week, I took the camera out on the farm not… Continue reading In Defense of Weeds

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Peas and Peppers

In most areas, there are few times during the season when peas and peppers cross in the garden. Here in the Pacific Northwest the harvest of early fall peas can cross with late-ripening peppers, but peppers worship midsummer heat while peas prefer it cool. If you live in a cool climate, the one time your… Continue reading Peas and Peppers

Scented Geraniums

Scented Geranium – Luciflora and…Not Luciflora

Spring planting has been coming along wonderfully. As of today, along with the colder weather plants, nearly all the tomatoes are up and even the peppers are starting to pop up. Most of the scented geraniums successfully made it through the winter despite the ceaseless flooding in the greenhouse. They’re all going to be moved… Continue reading Scented Geranium – Luciflora and…Not Luciflora

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Starting Leeks

This weekend we prepped the Summer House for spring vegetable starts, converting the trellising into tables. Here’s Tim finishing adjustments to the legs and starting to pull down the table tops. The tables already have some native flower starts, and for the vegetables we’re starting with the alliums—the onion family—because they can go out the… Continue reading Starting Leeks

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New Tree — Rescue 'Rooter' Pear

My apologies to whoever named the beautiful Rescue pear and to Rescue Rooter for borrowing their name, but my dad, who names all our trees, just couldn’t help himself. Our newest tree is a Rescue pear, and it’s taking the place of Elly, our poor, deceased Elberta peach, in the orchard. We had to dig… Continue reading New Tree — Rescue 'Rooter' Pear